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Rich farming sector of Gujarat basically cultivates cash-crops like Sugarcane, Groundnut, Vegetables, Cotton, Caster, Cumin, Fruit like Pomegranate, Ber, Coconut, Gwawa, Chiku, Mango etc…

These farmers have average annual income of Rs. 2,00,000. they have purchasing capacity and will power to purchase all the consumer and luxurious products.

They can be very prospective customers for things like T.V. sets, Tape Recorders, Radio sets, Premium Toilet Soaps, Washing Powders, Electrical appliances l ike Mixers, Fans, Pressure Cookers, Waterheaters, Washing Machines, Refrigerators, Other consumer products like Suitings & Shirtings, Vehicles like Cars, Jeeps, Motor-cycles, Scooters, Jewellers, Sanitary fittings, Watches, other things like – Cement, Coolers, Water filters, Paints, furniture, Cameras, Share issues, financial Institutions and Etc. All these products and many other products can very well be sold to these rural lords.

  Yearly Subscription Rates
  • Rs. 200 for progressive farmers
  • Rs. 400 for Company/Organization
Circulation / Readership
[Figures from an independant survey]
Circulation / Readership Profile
NO. Type of Readers Percentage
1. Universities/Educational Institutions & Rural School Libraries 9%
2. Cotton/Groundnut Growers 26%
3. Horticulture/Vegetable Growers 16%
4. Dealers 7%
5. Farmers 33%
6. Companies / Manufactures / Executives Agril/ Professionals / Consultants 6%
7. Students/Gram Panchayat/Agril Bank etc. 3%
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