Krushi Vigyan

Direct Mail Service-Rural Marketing

KRUSHIVIGYAN offer a Direct Mail Service to complement your advertising & marketing programs. Direct mail is a prime source for product and market testing, prospecting new customers & conducting market research.

Our Direct Mail Service offers complete mailing operations for the handling of your direct mail campaign; you may be as creative and innovative as you wish if it can be mailed. We will get it done.



A monthly magazine written for progressive farmers, wholesale and retail Agro inputs marketers.


A monthly magazine serving the needs of commercial crop & vegetable growers in Saurashtra Region

Your are assured of maximum efficiency for you direct mail campaign when you use KRUSHI VIGYAN Direct mail service our list are composed of current subscribers publication list “ Cleaning ’’ is a regular procedure as we keep our subscriber names and addresses updated for mailing to our readers.



To discuss your desired target market. Mr. Pravin Patel at 0281-2229966. He will discuss with you the best lists to serve your needs. Obtain an approximate list count and you a cost estimate for your specific job.

To order, submit a Sample of the mailing pieces. Indicate the quantity and special selects. You require and enclose a chaque for the estimated postage. All other cost will be billed after completion of the mailing.


A list rental agreement must be signed prior to mailing. All list are available on one-time rental basis we do not release our lists to


You may send your direct mail by lnland letter, Simple with cover, book-post, printed post card depending on the size and shape of your promotion.

Letter up to 20 gram generally used for letter & “ normal ’’ sized mail. The delivery time averages three to five days. ( up to 20 gram postage charge used Rs. 5 for each, Postage charges as per ruling Government Rate ) This rate for individual mailing.

Bulk mail processing charges : 
Rs. 100/= for 1000 pieces which includes sorting, bagging and delivery to the post office.

Additional handling charges are as follows:

Labeling: Rs. 1.00 for each
Mailing fee: Rs. 0.50 for each,
Envelope: Rs. 0.50 for each,(If not provide by the company)

Folding:  If Folding is required, the charge is Rs.100/= per 1000 pieces.

Co-Operative Mailing : 
If company agree to mailing pieces with another mailing campaign, it may be cheaper than regular postage. It may be 50% cost in postage charges but at that time company pay for envelope charges extra because this type of multi company mailing in KRUSHI VIGYAN envelope.

Note: –

    • Mailing pieces, printing charges, postage envelope charges client pay in advance.
    • Postage charges to be those ruling on the date of dispatch.
    • If client give six full page advertisement in KRUSHI VIGYAN.
    • We offer 50% rebet in labeling charge. If they use KRUSI VIGYAN direct mail service.
    • All service charge subject to charge without any notice.
    • All posting from Rajkot post office only.